Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Popsicles, Blankets and More

It's been really hot here in Virginia. This week the highs are going to be in the mid 90's. I can't stand anything hotter than 80 so I'll be hiding in the air conditioning.

My youngest grands are redheads and they are more sensitive to heat and cold. They love those freezie pop popsicles, the kinhd in the plastic sleeve, but have to wrap a washcloth around them so their fingers don't freeze. My daughter mentioned it to me last week and I knew of a pattern that would take care of that problem.

Here are the popsicle cozies that I made, well one completed anyway. I made 2 green and 2 red ones.

I had a couple skeins of baby blanket yarn and decided to make a blanket for my dog's bed. It's so soft and warm. He loves it.

Here's a video of him under the blanket, snagged off my Facebook page.

I'm currently working on a scrapghan and a new project, a tank top, although it may morph into a different type of top.

Here's what the scrapghan looks like so far.

That will be a work in progress for a long time I'm sure, as I'm using scraps to crochet it and keep getting distracted with other projects LOL.

Here's what the tank top looks like so far. I've only worked on it a bit for the past 2 days.

That's the front of it, it's Lily Sugar & Cream cotton on the big spool. I'm doing this without a written pattern, just going by my measurements. I've got some wrapping paper that I'll use to draw the pattern on once I get to where I need to start the armholes. To be continued at a later date.

Until next time, happy hooking!

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