Thursday, June 29, 2017

Crocheted Water Balloons

Yes, you read that right. Crocheted water balloons. They are eco-friendly because you don't have little bits of busted balloons to pick up AND they are washable. These are made with blanket yarn and they are soft and squishy. How do you use them? You soak them in water and once they are wet you let the kids have a ball throwing them at each other. I'm taking this bunch to my grands today, hopefully I'll get some pictures and video of them having fun with them.

I'll continue this after the water balloon battle....

Well, the water balloons were a hit! The grands had a blast and the neighbors kids joined in as well. I'll have to make them some more so they have loads to toss at each other. Here's a couple photos of my 2 youngest grands having a battle.

That's my youngest grandson, he's 4 & 1/2 years old. He's getting ready to sling one at his sister, who's 8. Notice her stance, she's ready to run LOL.

Here's one more photo.

Now here's a link to a video showing the fun. I'll definitely have to make more of these for the kids.

Until next time! Happy hooking.

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