Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Gifts and Ornaments

In my previous post I mentioned that I had been making some gifts for Christmas. Now that the holiday is over I can post photos of them.

I made this messy bun hat & matching scarf for my granddaughter Z. The yarn is SO soft, so soft that I had trouble working with it at first.

 I made this messy bun hat & scarf for my granddaughter K. She loves the color blue. The variegated yarn is called Monet and it has girly colors plus blue in it.

I made this beanie for my grandson G. The yarn is called Earth and Sky.

I LOVE how his beanie striped. He looks cute in it too, but he wouldn't leave it on long enough to get a photo. In fact, I couldn't get a photo of all of them together in their hats. Oh well.

I made a bunch of little wreath ornaments to go on the tree. They are made around the plastic rings from milk jugs. You know, the ones left on the jug after you open the lid? Each one was slightly different, using different yarn. I ended up giving 6 or so to the granddaughters to give to their teachers as gifts. Here's the one I had left on my tree.

I made 2 larger ones from coffee can lids and made them into wreath/candle rings. I gave this one to my friend. She's using it as a candle ring.

 I had a great Christmas holiday with my youngest daughter & her family. We cooked a huge meal and there were 16 people for dinner. It was yummy, we cooked turkey, ham and all the fixings with pumpkin pie for dessert.

I hope that this coming year will be a good one for us all. Happy New Year!!!

Back to crocheting!

Until next time!
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Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Afghan and funny true story

I've been really busy crocheting and have forgotten to blog. I had been working on a Christmas afghan and finally finished it. It's just something to throw over myself while I'm sitting in my chair watching TV.  By no means is it symmetrical, as the OCD in me fights constantly to do. But I love it. 😃😃 


It's nice and warm. Some of the yarn has metallic thread running through it.

I made some things for Christmas presents for the family that I have nearby, but I can't show you those just yet. I've got photos of them though.... next post topic.

Yesterday evening I started on another afghan. This one is going to be done in earth tones, shades of brown, blue and green. I've only got 5 rows done on it so far. I'll take photos of it once I get further along with it.

I'll leave you with something funny......... if you follow me on Facebook you already know this......

True story! This just happened to me today. I was in a bargain outlet, looking for some flower pots to re-pot some of my plants. While I was looking I found a bag of glass marbles that I decided to use in the bottom of the pots for drainage. I carried the bag of marbles around the store as I was shopping and all of a sudden marbles started falling out one by one, bouncing all over the place! I figured it was the bottom end of the bag that they were escaping from so I turned it around the other way and marbles started coming out of that end too. I looked around for a sales associate, spying one I said to her "I'm losing my marbles", laughing as I said it. The look on her face was priceless!!  I handed her the bag and she started losing her marbles as well. Needless to say I did go and find another bag of marbles to buy, one without a hole in it this time. 😀

On that note I'll end this somewhat crazy post.

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!! If you're traveling stay safe!

Until next time!
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