Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kitchen Towel Holder

I have NO handles on my cabinets or refrigerator in my apartment. The only thing that I have to hang a hand towel on is my stove. I'm sure you all know that when you open your stove your towel usually falls off, not very convenient. Also, when you use the towel to dry your hands, or your kids do, it ends up on the floor as well. I found this pattern for crocheted towel holders from Delights Gems and thought I would give it a try. Here's the one that I made for myself.

I made one in a different color and gave it to my next-door neighbor and also one for my youngest daughter. The holder goes around the handle and buttons through the flower. They are SO much fun to make that I made a few extra.

If you'd like one of these let me know. I'd be glad to make one in your preferred colors as well.

Until next time!
 photo happyhooking.jpg

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