Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rug Is Finished

 Hot Off The Hook!! I just finished crocheting my throw rug this evening. It needs to be blocked to square it out some but otherwise I am very pleased with how it turned out. Here's a photo of it.

It's made entirely of cotton yarn. I used 2 strands of yarn while crocheting to give it a thick texture. It made it a nice heavy rug. I love how it looks with the variegated yarn making designs in the stripes.

Now I'm off to make some double thick potholders. One more to match the rug, because it'll be going in my kitchen, and a double thick oven mitt or two. I have to find a pattern for that first though.

Oh, I'm back in my home town now and I am currently apartment hunting. I hope to find something soon. I miss having my own place.

Until next time!
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Coasters, Potholder, Bib and a Rug

I'm still in Tucson, AZ. at my BFF's house. I'll be leaving Monday morning (the 23rd) to head back to Virginia and will be staying with my youngest daughter for awhile. We've been busy going here and there, eating out, shopping and going to a local outdoor diner to listen to music. I've really enjoyed my time here and will miss my friend when I leave, but I have family back home waiting on me in Virginia. Leaving will definitely be bittersweet.

I've been busy crocheting in my free time here. I made my first baby bib. I used a really soft acrylic yarn and the border is cotton.

Here's a shot of it as it would look fastened.

 I also made some flower coasters. The yellow one is the first one that I made. It's larger than it's supposed to be.

The blue one is the proper size but you can't tell from the photo.

I am currently working on a cotton throw rug for myself. It will go in my new place, whenever I find a place to live that is. I'm about 1/3 of the way done with it.
Here's a shot of the entire rug.

Here's a close-up view of it. I love the pattern that the variegated yarn makes.


Don't pay attention to the stray yarn ends. Those will disappear when I put the border around it. I can't wait to finish it. I'll update with more photos when I do.

Well, laundry is waiting for me to hang out to dry. In this hot Arizona sun and with this breeze the clothes will probably dry in 10 minutes. Love the solar dryer.

Until next time!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trip from Florida to Tucson Arizona

 I left Florida on Thursday April 21 to drive to Tucson, AZ to visit my best friend from high school. I drove what seemed to be forever to get through the panhandle of Florida. I'm NOT kidding! From Tampa it is quite a drive up to the panhandle and then through the panhandle. Boy was I glad to cross into Alabama.

I saw some beautiful carved trees at a Mississippi welcome station on I 10. That was the prettiest and cleanest welcome station I saw on my travels.

It took forever to get through the state of Texas. It was beautiful scenery though. Here's a shot I took of the mountains when I stopped to fuel up.

I got to my friend's house on Saturday evening. We were hugging and jumping up and down as it had been 30 odd years since we'd seen each other.

We took a drive up the mountains to see Gate's Pass. It was so beautiful with all the cactus blooming. Here's a few of my favorite photos from there. Alot of the old westerns were filmed in the area and Old Tucson is just down the road from there.

Loads of people go there daily just to see the sunset. We wanted to get back over the mountain before dark because it's a very steep and winding mountain road so we missed the sunset. Here's a shot that I took right when we were leaving.

We went to the San Xavier Mission last week. It is such a beautiful old mission. Here are some photos that I took of it and the beautiful cacti gardens.



Yes, that's me sitting on the bench.


 We left the mission and went to a casino, the very first time for me. I had fun playing but in the end I lost the $20 that I had invested in the slot machines. Oh well, better luck next time!

My friend and I went to the Tucson Folk Festival last night. It was a 2 day event and we had forgot all about it and only went Sunday evening. The band that she really wanted to see was the Ronstadt Generations.
Michael Ronstadt is Linda Ronstadt's younger brother and his 2 sons are also in the band. I loved their music and wish they had played longer. They played a bit of  southwestern and Mexican music as well as others. Here they are doing a tribute to Prince.

Another group that we saw was Heather Hardy and the Salt of the Earth Band. I liked her bluesy voice and her violin playing was great. Check out the video below.

Yesterday I spent crocheting a kitchen towel that I started the day before. It's done in cotton except for the border which is acrylic.

Today we went to the same casino that we went to last week. Here's a photo of the two of us playing slots.

I came home empty handed. I was up $70 at one time but lost it. Oh well, that's why it's called gambling. I had fun though. We got a free buffet lunch which was good. All in all it was a good day.

Now I have to get busy and make something for a baby shower and some potholders to match the towel.

Until next time!
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