Friday, September 25, 2015

HOTH - It's In The Bag

Ever since I started crocheting again I have wanted to make myself a bag, purse, whatever you call them. I have been pouring over patterns on YouTube and Ravelry and just decided to wing it. I started on it last night and worked a few hours on it, then worked on it here and there today. I didn't use any pattern, just started out using both black and gray yarn, crocheting with both at the same time, and after frogging bits and pieces of it here and there I finished it this evening. I'm not too crazy about the handmade button but it'll do until I can go button shopping. I also want to add a pocket inside it for my cell phone.

Here it is hanging on my closet door. It's not the greatest photo but you'll get the idea of it.

 The following photo is much better, at least the color is more true in it.

 I'm definitely going to make more bags, it was fun making this one.

Until next time!
 photo happyhooking.jpg

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Afghan Finally Finished

I've been working on this afghan forever it seems.  It's really only been a little over 8 weeks. When laying it out on my bed the other day I realized that the width was wide enough to cover the mattress when turned the other way, so I decided to add just a bit more to it and put an edging of gray on it. I was really getting tired of working on it.
Here it is spread out on my bed. Excuse the mess, the lump at the top right corner of it is covering my chihuahua who was snuggled under his blanket. I hated to move him to get the photo.

I love how it turned out. It even looks good folded up on the foot of the bed.

That's doggy steps and a storage cube at the foot of the bed that my Marty uses to get up onto the bed. Spoiled isn't he? I've got to crochet him a sweater, winter is coming........

I started working on a purse last night, it's going to be mine. It's being crocheted with black and gray yarn, crocheting with both yarns at the same time. I'm not using a pattern, just free working it after checking out some purse patterns on YouTube. I'll take some photos of it when I'm finished, if it turns out ok.

Well, back to work on the purse.

Until next time!
 photo happyhooking.jpg

Saturday, September 19, 2015

HOTH - Mulberry Mix Beanie

I just finished my 3rd beanie. These are becoming an obsession with me. When I get bored with working on my afghan I tend to make a beanie. This one didn't take long, only a few hours. I'm getting faster at them. I made it for my granddaughter. She picked out the colors and she wanted a stripe of gray in it. I used RHSS Mulberry Mix and Heather Gray. I tried something new with the gray and crocheted a row of Double Crochet and then a row of Front Post Double Crochet. I like the way it turned out.

My granddaughter loves it. Hard to get a smile from her though, teenagers LOL.

 Here's a side shot of her wearing it.

I'm SO glad she likes it.

 Back to work on my afghan!

Until next time!
 photo happyhooking.jpg

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Afghan 7th Week

Well it's been 7 weeks that I've been working on this afghan for my bed. I can't wait to get it done, it's a monster and it seems like it's taking forever to crochet. If you've been following my progress, you'll remember that it's going to cover my bed like a bedspread, and it's 80 in. wide. It now measures 51 inches long, so that is 6 inches this week. I did take some time off from it to crochet my grandson a beanie, otherwise I would have made better progress.
Here's a photo of it.

 I'm also working on a potholder, no photos there yet. I'm doing it in Peaches & Cream cotton yarn. It sure is different to work with than acrylic yarn.
Well I better get back at it.

Until next time!
 photo happyhooking.jpg

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Itching to start something new

Ever since I bought all that new yarn it's been calling to me. I'm itching to try something new. I want to make some potholders with my new cotton yarn. I did take a break from my afghan and made my grandson a beanie the other day. But the afghan is taking forever to get done it seems, even though I'm only on the 6th week.

I did manage to work up kind of a graphic sign off for my posts, made from a photo of one of my hooks. It's below. What do you think?

Until next time!
 photo happyhooking.jpg

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

2nd Beanie Attempt

I made a beanie a few weeks ago and decided that I'd attempt another one. My 7 year old grandson had been bugging me for a hat, so I let him choose the yarn from my recent shopping trip. He wanted the blue variegated. After he picked out the yarn he waited an hour or so and then asked me if I had his hat done yet. LOL. This went on for awhile. I told him not to pester me about it, he'd get it when I was done with it and that I hadn't even started it yet. He can be very persistent, but he finally gave up asking about his hat. Unbeknownst to him, I started on it yesterday while he was in school. I had to hide it as soon as he came home and worked some more on it last night after he went to bed.
I finished it up today and gave it to him this afternoon.
He loved it as you can tell by the angelic smile on his face.

It is a little big for him but fits just fine when we fold the bottom up an inch. It'll sure keep his ears warm this winter.

He said he wants me to make him some pants to match LOL. He's such a nut!! I tried to explain that I wasn't talented enough to make him some pants and also that he probably wouldn't like wearing them even if I did make them. I hope that answer satisfied him.

Back to working on my afghan!

Until next time, happy hooking!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Afghan 6th Week Surprise Trip & Yarn Haul

I just came back from a weekend of visiting my youngest daughter. Unbeknownst to me, she and her eldest sister, whom I live with, had been scheming up an early birthday surprise trip to see her, my youngest daughter, and her children. My birthday isn't until next weekend but this weekend suited the 2 of them to celebrate. While we were there they surprised me with really cute owl cupcakes that my 6 year old granddaughter made. Well, it was a surprise until the 2 yr. old told me right after we got there that we had birthday cake, "owl cake" he called them. He was SO excited that his granny was having a birthday party. We celebrated Friday night with a birthday dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread and had the owl cupcakes for dessert.

After breakfast on Saturday, my daughters told me we were going to Walmart and leaving the kids with B, my youngest daughter's fiance. Right when we were leaving they told me that we WERE going to Walmart but we were also going out to eat lunch and let me choose the place. Of course I wanted to eat at our favorite Chinese place and so we did. Here we are at the restaurant, that's me on the right, youngest daughter in the middle and eldest on the left.

Then after we stuffed ourselves at the buffet and shared an order of shrimp fried rice, yummy, we went to Walmart and I went nuts with my birthday money in the yarn section. Here's a photo of my haul.

I can't believe how large the yarn section was at her Walmart!! It was at least 4 times as large as our store here. You can see I kind of went crazy with the variegated yarn. Those will be used for hats and possibly some granny squares. I found the golden brown color that I'm using in my afghan that I couldn't find here at our store, so I picked up a skein of it. I also got 2 small skeins of Peaches & Cream cotton yarn to try my hand at dishcloths and such. They don't even have any cotton yarn at our local store. I may have to go to the other one downtown.......

On the trip up to my daughter's, about a 4 hour drive, I worked on my afghan while my eldest drove and also while I was there. I got quite a lot done since last week. It now is 45 inches long so that's 10 inches in a week & I'm almost halfway done with it. Here it is on my bed. It's getting harder to get the whole length of it in the photo. I might have to stand on a stool to photograph it next week.

A great weekend, and a great haul I think. Thanks again for the wonderful birthday surprise girls! Love ya!!

Until next time!

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